6 Benefits of Industry 4.0

Over the years, high efficiency and low costing have always been a demand in the market and humans have been working towards this initiative by integrating technologies which have been benefitting our everyday life, into our working life.

Previously we’ve talked about the 6 benefits in the shift towards Industry 4.0, and the following are how Industry 4.0 can benefit you.




1. Level of automation will be increased with one of the key pillar of Industry 4.0 – Internet Of Things (IoT). By Integrating IoT into Machines, Enterprise systems, the collaboration between humans and things enhances.

2. With Industry 4.0, Operation costs will be lower with the presence of predictive maintenance. With predictive maintenance, the system will be able to detect defects 10x faster and more accurate than manual inspection in a component before they fail so a replacement can be prepared and replaced before the component stop working.

3. Industry 4.0 is ideally suited for design modification, enhancement and new product creation as the system are made to accommodate and understand the process of designing.

4. Manufacturers are able to expand their market to serve more industry by customizing products and services according to customer’s needs. With increased efficiency and lower cost, manufacturers who adopted Industry 4.0 will most probably be the one profiting in the most demanding market

5. With IoT, predictive measures are able to control with wastage of materials which reduces the yields losses by 25%, and spare parts cost by 20%.

6. Using Internet and Cloud, all involved parties are able to view and review the progress of operations at any time which enables them to be informed on the performance of operations at all times without going through any third party informer. This reduces the chances of miscommunication between operators, suppliers and technician.

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Ng Chin How
Managing Director
NAC Machinery & Equipment Pte Ltd

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