Coming from a different field of industry, it is Winnie’s first time stepping into the Marketing career. Embarking on this journey, with being allocated to be in-charge of building NAC Machinery & Equipment Pte Ltd and NAC Consultancy Pte  Ltd branding as well as heightening the awareness of both the products and services that NAC offers. Although there were numerous challenges to be faced and hurdles to overcome, this has been an exciting and eye-opening adventure for her.

As a Marketing Executive in NAC Consultancy, together with the directions and assistance from NAC team, I work on a various platform to promote the services that NAC offers. Overseeing a few aspects of a campaign, conducting research and analyzing data so as to develop the ideal marketing campaign for our targeted audience.

How did Winnie land in NAC?

It was an interesting encounter during the process before she advanced into this profession. Like most Diploma holders, Winnie was directionless and lost after graduating from Republic Polytechnic holding a Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning.

“To further her studies, or to step into the working industry?”

She chose the latter and met Johnny Wong, Senior Consultant in NAC Consultancy, on the road in a hitch ride. He then invited Winnie over to NAC for an interview to understand more about their opening position – Marketing, and if she is interested to venture into a new industry and career.


Why did Winnie choose NAC?

She finds the Flexible working hours and the working style this Company offers attractive! Due to the company being new, Winnie believes that there will be plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.


How does Winnie feel about NAC?

So far, Winnie is happy working in this Company. She has not found anything to complain, yet. Winnie feels that she had been exposed to many opportunities which she didn’t think a poly graduate would have, and she is very thankful for. She will continue to work harder for herself and for the company.


What does Winnie wish to achieve in NAC?

With NAC Consultancy being her first career, especially in an entirely new industry, there are 2 things that she wishes to achieve,

  1. Learn and explore as many skills as possible which she believes NAC is competent of providing opportunities for her.
  2. Increase the awareness of NAC products and engineering services.


Winnie Ng
Marketing Executive
NAC Consultancy Pte Ltd