Interview with
Francis Tang
Engineering Analyst


Francis Tang was in Norr System Pte Ltd where Johnny was his colleague, before joining NAC Consultancy on 1st Jan 2018.



Francis, with more than 15 years of design engineering experience in various industries ranging from defense, manufacturing, marine, oil & gas to petrochemical, he also specializes in structural, hydraulic systems as well as process systems design!

A talented person like Francis, years ago, he managed to obtain training to be an expert on documentation systems during his stint with Natsteel Engineering Group and his pivotal role is setting up the system for the management of documentation.

“I decided to move to NAC Consultancy due to and vast knowledge and challenges that I can achieve and experience with them. For me, i’ll be focusing on 2D drawings and 3D models. We aim to work closely to seamlessly achieve the requirements of our clients’ and deliver within their budget and time schedule.”

Francis, as someone who is committed and dedicated to his craft, his 2D and 3D expertise were often measured as a benchmark for his colleagues. His guidance and know-how expertise are well-respected among both his peers as well as superiors.

Winnie Ng
Marketing Executive
NAC Consultancy Pte Ltd