Featuring Mr Ng Chin How,
Managing Director of NAC Machinery & Equipment Pte Ltd

NAC would like to express our thanks towards Advanced Technology Enterprise Pte Ltd for giving us an opportunity to share our real life experiences on how we are heading towards integrating technology into machinery and what are the potential obstacles during this process.

On 2nd February 2018, Mr Ng Chin How spoke about his beliefs and approach of his route to IoT4.0. But of course, there wouldn’t be rainbow without rain. With the advancing technology and aging population, Chin How faced many challenges along the way but to him, giving up is never an option.

Featuring Mr Ng Chin How
sharing his experiences on Industry 4.0 at CalibrATE i4.0

Read on ‘Mr Ng’s path to IoT’,

“Rapid development of new technology always arises to revolutions. New technology will be quickly adopted which leaves no room for legacy technology. Such instances can be seen from the rapid revolutions of mobile phones, methods of commuting, new approach to e-commerce and etc.

The fast pace for technology development in the consumer domain can be easily seen but what about the pace for industrial domain? Industrial leaders had already begun their march towards new revolution and worldwide market has already start revolutionizing in their own way.

In NAC, we have chosen IoT to begin our march. By understanding our current situation, IoT will allow decentralize decision making through data acquisition and data analysis. Thus, improving productivity, return of investment and competitiveness.

Through detail planning and implementations to cater for different issues that we have encounter while reducing impact to daily operation as well as human impact. There are still limited resources and information on IoT in the market. As such, trainings and solutions has become costly which poses yet another challenges for the SMEs.

Regardless, we are moving in good progression towards our goal and we hope to bring our new technology to the industry as well as benefits to Singaporean by upgrading their skills in prepared for future challenges.”

In fact, who would have thought technology can also be integrated into constructions machines? Have you thought of how you can also implement technology in anything around you?


“Doubt can only be removed by action” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Winnie Ng
Marketing Executive
NAC Consultancy Pte Ltd