Hydraulic Power Pack

Through years of researches, developments and countless onsite testing, NAC has developed its own range of powerpack catered for the piling industry. Furthermore, to value add our products, we incorporated additional feature which enables our powerpack to drive other types of equipment. e.g., Hydraulic Jackin Piler, Continuous Flight Auger, Vibro hammer, Winch and etc.

Understanding the importance of safety, our range of powerpack includes multiple safety system to safeguard operators as well as protecting valuable equipment. The safety systems are:

  • Low Hydraulic Oil Level Cut
  • High Hydraulic Oil Temperature Cut
  • Hydraulic Pipe/Hose Burst Cut
  • Engine Overheat Cut
  • High Engine Oil Pressure cut


Other important features are:

  • Individual filtration system for all hydraulic oil return line
  • Sound insulated skid to lower noise during operation – Concealed exhaust which helps in stowing away equipment and lower noise during operation
  • Variable engine speed controller which lower diesel consumption when low operating requirement is needed
  • Electrical control box to operate at a safe distance while retaining important functions such as emergency stop, piling speed and piling stroke.
  • Independent flow control to control flow rate
  • Adhere to tier II nonroad diesel engine emission standard in compliance with EPA regulation
  • We also provide services to customize powerpack to suit customer requirements