Impact Hammer Singapore

Looking for high-performance Hydraulic Impact Hammer in Singapore? Our Hydraulic Impact Hammer is the ideal solution for various types of piling jobs.

After long years of on-site experience, NAC has developed a wide range of high quality and versatile Hydraulic Impact Hammer in Singapore that is well suited to tackle various types of piling requirements. Our special features of Hydraulic Impact Hammer in Singapore include:

• High energy transfer to the pile with the use of advance piling cushion
• Reduced operating noise with the use of advance piling cushion
• Adjustable stroke length and blow rate to match energy requirement
• Can be leader mounted or crane suspended
• Easy access to add/remove ram mass
• Simple design and high reliability

Our Hydraulic Impact Hammers are designed to provide the best performance under any condition which makes it the ideal solution for every construction challenge. We pride ourselves with excellent service and quick delivery to meet clients needs.